Modern high tech steam engine

Old steam engine

Old steam engine

Old steam engine

New Steam Power technology - RAN concept
Investment costs and power density
Fuel flexibility
Torque characteristic and momentary respond

Why modern steam engine ?

Superior energy sources flexibility

  • Solid , gaseous , liquid fuel hydrocarbon
  • Solar Thermal
  • Nucler (LENR)
  • Hydrogen
  • Hydroperoxide
  • Ammonia
  • Iron powder ,Boron , Alumnia Waste heat

Why piston engine ( Steam engine ) and not turbo engine ( Steam Turbine

  • Steam engine is more compact and cost efficient at power out put below 1 MW
  • Load following
  • High efficiency at part load
  • High torque from standing still
  • Increasing torque when shaft speed is reduced
  • High specific power ( kW/kg,kW/l, kW/EURO

Small - scale steam power Employing modern