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Steam power offer unique possibilities to exploit different energy sources, such as renewables and waste heat, compared to other power cycle. However, today steam power is mainly existing in large centralized power plant with steam turbines, whereas small-.scale steam power (< 1000 kW unit) should be implemented as reciprocating pistonengine.

The Company

RANOTOR steam engine system originates from SAAB SCANIAS steam engine project for automotive applications where specific power (kW/kg, kW/l, kW/Euro was of paramount importance,

The project was ceased when the catalytic converter emerged and the interest to find more environmental friendly power system vanished.

However, the project has survived because there has been interest on and off from different industrial and academic actors.


Several pre-studies has been conducted together with the Royal Institute of Technology, the Uppsala University, and Volvo Truck and SCANIA regarding WHR (Waste Heat Recovery).where exhaust gas is recovered. RANOTOR has also participate in a EU project together with Fiat regarding WHR from internal combustion engines.


However it is not until last year interest has increased considerably when the modern steam engine can realize small scale DG (Decentralized Generation) with biofuel , hydrogen and solar thermal energy. 

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Why SSSP (Small-Scale Steam Power)?

The following gives a brief description of why SSSP should be expected to be interesting as future prime mover

# Fuel flexibility

RANOTOR is currently participating in an EU project where ammonia as fuel is going to be used.