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New Steam Power technology - RAN concept

The RAN-concept is developed by RANTOR R&D Corporation. The “RAN” concept involves some components that are crucial when improving performance and economics further for SSSP. Worth mentioning are :

  • Oil free reciprocating steam engine
  • Compact heat exchanger for steam generator and condenser
  • Steam buffer and condenser buffer
  • Fed pump for long life time

Oil free reciprocating steam engine

When realising a modern steam engine the sealing issue is of paramount importance The RAN concept includes piston rings without gap which is expected to give both low blow-by and low frictions losses.

Compact heat exchangers for steam generator and condenser

The compact heat exchanger approach makes it possibly to realise very compact steam generators far away from the power density of common steam boiler in large power plants. The high power to material weight ratio indicates low capital cost. For air cooled applications as automotive applications it is of paramount importance that the condenser is design in a proper way in order to realise an effective SSSP.

Steam buffer and condenser buffer

The RAN-concept includes two types of energy storage. The storage is called Steam buffer and Condenser buffer. The steam buffer is a high temperature storage that will offer several attractive features in automotive applications as well as small scale CHP. The steam buffer makes it possible to design the steam generator for only average power out put. High electric and hot water peak power can be obtained by the steam buffer. The steam buffer smoothing the combustion and enable optimizing of the combustion to avoid environmental harmful emissions. The steam buffer can also be used to store low tariff electricity during nights. The steam buffer unfolds also new possibilities for solar thermal energy applications when it can store the solar energy until occasion when the sun is not shining .The Steam Buffer also makes it possible to matching the mismatch between the electricity and heat demand. Further more Steam Buffer will imply reduced risk for outages when there will be steam available to propel the steam engine even if the burner will break down.
The condenser buffer makes is possibly to condense large amount of steam at a high rate without noise which is important in all kind of applications. For more detailed information see separate document